Give Me Bananas, Chocolate and French Toast and I'll Give You an Amazing Breakfast

Indulge in this amazing Banana Chocolate French Toast recipe for breakfast soon and enjoy the decadence that bananas, chocolate and french toast bring when they are combined.

French toast is an all time favourite breakfast food that people all around the world love. The French toast recipe dates back to the fourth or fifth century, it was found in a Latin recipe book called the Apicius. Back then, it was used as a way to utilize stale bread and give it new life. We all know how awful it can be to eat two or three day old bread when it is no longer at it's freshest. This way of soaking the bread in eggs and frying it in a frying pan made the bread edible and very tasty. Now, we love French toast and some people can't imagine having breakfast without it. For some it is reserved for special weekend breakfasts or special occasions, but some people love to eat it regularly. The french toast recipe has different variations, for example, in China, they actually take a whole stack of stale bread and deep fry it, then it is served with syrup or honey. They also add fruit sometimes too.

This Banana Chocolate French Toast recipe takes french toast to a whole other level. You make your french toast a little differently this time though. You begin by creating sandwiches out of the hazelnut spread like Nutella and arranging the bananas. Then you make the batter the same as you normally would, with an egg and milk mixture with sugar and vanilla in it, dipping the whole sandwich in to coat it with the egg batter. Then you fry it just like you would make normal french toast, frying it on both sides until it is perfectly golden brown on either side. You can serve this delicious breakfast recipe with whipped cream and syrup for a truly delectable treat, or just eat the sandwich as it is. The recipe on My Recipes website says to try serving it with a nice dusting of icing sugar.

I have made french toast out of banana bread and banana chocolate chip bread, so I can imagine how amazing this french toast recipe would be. The hazelnut chocolate spread would melt inside the sandwich creating the perfectly melted inside. This recipe would be awesome to make for a brunch gathering as well, you would amaze people with your culinary skills and this original recipe idea. You can even get your kids in on helping to make the sandwiches, create a little assembly line that they could be a part of, make them feel included in the breakfast making process. Kids love to pitch in and help out and learn to make things on their own. I know I loved to help my mom and dad in the kitchen when ever I could, especially with baking and breakfast foods. I wanted to learn how to make pancakes when I was six years old, they didn't turn out the prettiest, but thats where practice makes perfect. I just remember that I loved to make food for people to enjoy and I still do! Perhaps you could make this for that special someone's birthday as a surprise birthday breakfast. Anyone would be lucky to have this made for them on their big day, or perhaps you want to try it out as a dessert! You could try other fruit with the chocolate hazelnut spread too, maybe strawberries would taste good. Try this recipe out for yourself and check out more of the awesome recipes on My Recipes website! There is something for everyone to enjoy. Happy Cooking!

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