A cheeseburger walks into a bar. The bartender says 'Sorry, we don't serve food here'. ;) The beloved burger is only made all the more loveable by the addition of cheese. This even more beloved cheeseburger is made 100 times better when you put it on a foot long bun and create the cheeseburger of your dreams.

There is nothing quite so yummy than a burger made at home. Sure, you can find them on every downtown corner of the world at McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys...but these restaurants can't hold a fire to the taste and decadence of the homemade burger in all its glory. With just the right touches, the choice of good organic beef and your favorite homemade sauce, there is nothing that can beat it. Not only that, but the peace of mind knowing that you are not getting mystery meat is worth the time, effort and money to prepare.

Did you know that it was in in the late 1920's that cheese was being added to burgers? Anecdotal reports tell us that a Lionel Sternberger invented the cheeseburger when he was 16 years old and working as a fry cook in his Dad's sandwich shop called the Rite Spot. He decided to drop some cheese on a hot burger, and magic was born.

The first menu that history tell us has the cheeseburger featured was in Los Angeles at memorable little restaurant called O'Dells. Did you ever go there?

This claim is not taken lightly, as of course every restaurant wants to be the first! It was also reportedly inveted in Louisville, Kentucky and Denver, Colorado.

Regardless of it's inventor, we want to give full credit today to Oh Bite It, a delicious looking blog that has come up with this exquisite garlic cheeseburger. You can find the entire recipe at the website link below for 'Oh Bite It

Learn MORE / Get RECIPE at Oh Bite It

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