Fried Zucchini Flowers

In the spirit of using as much of a plant as possible, we are happy to share with you a recipe worth the time it takes you to grow zucchini's in your own garden. Fried Zucchini Flowers are an excellent brunch option, appetizer, or snack, mostly available during early summer months, when zucchini plants are flowering. They taste good fried on their own, but for an extra special touch, this recipe will kick them up a notch from boring to a savory feast for your senses.

When it comes to harvesting your own zucchini flowers it's important that you pick only the flowers on thin stems, because the thicker stems (or bulbous stems) are the zucchini, and if you pick the flower that is attached to the zucchini, then the zucchini will never grow. If you can't harvest them from your own garden or don't have any luck finding them at the store, try speaking to produce vendors at farmer's markets. If they cultivate zucchini's, they may be able to collect some zucchini flowers for you, or know where you can find them.

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The ingredients that you will need for this traditional Italian recipe include some fresh zucchini flowers, some mozzarella, capers, flour and some eggs. You will also need some grated Parmigiano cheese, some finely chopped garlic, some fresh finely chopped mint and some salt. You will also need the oil for frying.

If you've always wanted to make a fried zucchini flowers recipe but have always felt a little unsure about cooking flowers, you will want to give this fried zucchini recipe a try. Once you have your zucchini flowers ready, wash them under some fresh water. Then gently open the flower petals of each of the flowers and put a couple of capers and some mozzarella. Then in a bowl you can prepare the batter by mixing up some flour, eggs, some salt, mint, cheese and water. Did you know that the word pastella means batter in Italian. Then dip the flower in the batter and fry it in hot oil. Fry the zucchini flowers on both sides and fry until they are golden. Sprinkle the zucchini flowers with salt and serve immediately after cooking. Once you make this lovely recipe you will want to make it every year when these beautiful flowers are in bloom, it is such a nice seasonal and tasty recipe.

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