Extreme Free Climber's Death-Defying Ascents

Extremeness comes in many forms: diving into undiscovered depths of large and deep scales of the different bodies of water, surviving various extreme environments such as deep excavated caves, forests with wild beasts as inhabitants, miles and miles of sand in abandoned deserts, and fighting ferocious creatures in arenas or in coliseums. Anyone can experience these forms of common extremeness in one way or another because basically this is a choice made, not by fate but, by ourselves. In line with the word "choice", a fearless man chose a kind of extreme that will leave everyone breathless: the extreme free climber's death-defying ascents.

Alex Honnold, a professional mountain climber and an extreme sports enthusiast has been climbing numerous death-defying rock formations ranging from big walls of the El Capitan down to the famous Squamish's university wall in British Columbia. Other rock formations include mountains that he conquered effortlessly. Some of which includes the following: Low's Gully gorge face of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo in April 2009 and the complete traverse of the Fitz Roy massif in Patagonia together with Tommy Caldwell which they completed after 5 days. Honnold's solo records include single pitch heights. Heaven and Cosmic Debris which he completed in 2014 at the Yosemite National Park are his latest achievements in the category. Some of his climbs were in the free climb category: no ropes included.

For 19 years now, Honnold has been climbing rock formations for the sake of climbing them. It became his chosen profession after he dropped out of school when he was 19 years old. Despite of the dangers that come with the profession he had chosen, when asked if he would be given another chance to choose again, his firm answer was he would still choose to be a professional rock climber. I go for what I believe is my destiny. as what Honnold would say every after his death-defying ascents.

To know more about Honnold's conquest in ascending to much greater heights, watch the You Tube below to find out more.

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