Dog Saliva Might Be Better for Your Health Than You Think

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I remember when I was a little girl, and I would come across a dog walking down the street with my mom. Like most kids I would be overjoyed and would generously give many pets and kisses, then my mother would try to usher me away saying that the dogs mouth was dirty... but now there's an article that says that dog saliva might be better for your health than you think.

Yes, you read that right, dog saliva might not be so gross after all, in fact, it might actually be good for you! Now you have the perfect excuse to let your favorite furry friend lick you as much as you please. And if you were one of the people who were grossed out by doggie kisses, maybe this will make you reconsider.

Recently Dr. Charles Raison has been conducting a study to measure whether the dog saliva actually acts as a probiotic, lending beneficial organisms to the human body which in turn boosts the immune system. To test his theory, a group of people with allergies and other conditions have been given a dog to live with for 3 months. Then some scientists conduct tests on these people to see whether there's any improvement in their immunity. The results are not quite conclusive yet, and of course, there's always the skeptics who doubt the truth of the matter. One of the concerns that some vets have mentioned is that there are certain parasites and other bad bacteria that live on a dogs tongue too, and this can pose a threat to humans. While the debate continues, this article at least provides some food for thought.

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