Creamy Lemon Angel Cake

Many of us are looking for lighter recipes these days, and this Creamy Lemon Angel Cake is one you can add to your list of lighter dessert options. With the amount of birthdays, and baby showers, Easters, Christmases, Thanksgivings in a year, its a wonder how anyone can completely stay away from foods that are not the best for our bodies. But these tempting treats are always out there, and most of us do enjoy to have them now and then. Which is ok, if it is in moderation, of course. It's the over indulging regularly that can get you into trouble. And I am not just talking about weight, our digestive systems cannot take a lot of the sugars and fats that are processed. So it's best to take things in moderation if you are wanting to try to be healthy. We still need to enjoy life and some of the sweet stuff right? You can't just deny yourself the pleasures of life after all.

This recipe is a very simple and beautiful version of an angel food cake, with a lemony filling in the middle. Almost like a jelly roll, but with lemon filling instead of a more raspberry or strawberry filling. This would be awesome for all the lemon desert lovers out there, which I happen to be too! Jelly rolls, or Swiss rolls as they are often called, even though no one knows the true reason behind calling it that, since they were not even invented in Switzerland. It was more of a British recipe and came to the United States in the 1800s, it's first publishing in a recipe book was in New York in 1852. Kind of like a jelly sandwich, all rolled up into a roll, and then sliced into a pin wheel. The British often have things like this as they love their jams, they also have savoury versions of this type of thing too.

They can now be found all over the world, called by various names. In India, they call it a Jam Roll, which is fairly similar, Hong Kong has a favourite version of this which has mango and cream filling. In Argentina, they call it a pionono, which is a similar rolled up desert that has cream with cut up fruit on the inside and a layer of frosting on the outside. They are pretty much found everywhere, by different variations. The ones in the United States, have become popular pre packaged treats, that are sold in a box with a plastic wrapper around them, which are definitely not as good as the fresh cake. They are usually chocolate with a whipped cream centre and a hardened chocolate sauce. The lemon one looks the most appealing to me! I will probably give it a try at some point for sure! Is it one that you would make? It would be great for any occasion, and would act as a nice, light treat that you could bring to any gathering and people would be sure to love it so much.

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