Cookie Dough Cake

It is undeniable that a lot of people all throughout the world are cake lovers. As a matter of fact, some of them cannot live their day without having some cake bites. Can you believe it? It is how obsessed they are when it comes to cakes. These people are the reasons why a number of cake stores or pastry stores are mushrooming nowadays. They are also the reasons why the pastry industry is acquiring big success. But the big question now is, do you feel bored anymore in eating the same cake over and again? Do you want to save some money, and prefer to make your cake? If this is the case, then why not bake your cake? Well, introducing the mouth watering Cookie Dough Cake.

Cookie Dough Cake is a newer cake recipe that is gaining more and more popularity these days. Cake lovers who also want to make their cake are greatly attracted to try this one. It is very easy to make this cake. It will never cause any hassle to you. When you are done baking the dough, and you already coat it with the icing, it is now time to decorate it in your way. It simply means that you have to use your creativity. Cookie Dough Cake is decorated chocolate chips at the side. Make sure that you place the chocolate chips artistically. The more chocolate chips you will put, the tastier and enticing it will look. On top of this cake are layers of cookie dough frosting covered with smaller size chocolate chips. You can simply buy cookies in any store, and use them in making this cake.

Without a doubt, Cookie Dough Cake will create magic in your taste. It will never fail you. Once you take a bite of it, you will surely ask for more. Now it is time for you to enjoy! Visit the link to the recipe on the "Your Cup of Cake" website below.

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