Cinnamon Peach Yogurt Cake

It's always a good idea to have some favorite cake recipes on hand, a piece of cake can always brighten up any day, and baked goods for picnics and family get togethers are always a nice treat to share with everyone. This "Cinnamon Peach Yoghurt Cake," recipe makes good use of the popular fruit harvest of peaches! Peaches are available to us in abundance come summer time, and you can find them at fruit stands, farmer's markets, grocery stores, and maybe even right in your own back yard, or someone else's! U Pick places are a great place where you can take the whole family to pick fruit at an orchard and then take it all home and make it into something special, like this Cinnamon Peach Yogurt Cake recipe! Peaches are a great source of vitamins, like vitamin C and they also have a good dose of vitamin A in them as well! The sugars in a peach are natural sugars that aren't bad for you like refined and processed sugars, which are not the best thing for us.

This cinnamon peach yogurt cake is a sweet, moist, and delicious cinnamon cake, that is loaded with fresh peaches and lightened up with healthy Greek yogurt. You can drizzle the cake with a vanilla bean glaze, and it would make for the perfect, light summer dessert. This cake recipe is an 8 inch single layer cake, so it is nothing too extravagant, but sometimes that is all you want, just a nice and simple cake. After the cake is baked, you'll want to let it cool completely, it is then that you can have some fun and spoon the amazing vanilla bean glaze all over the top, and since this is a lighter version of cake, you can afford to have some fun with the sweet icing. The vanilla bean glaze looks pretty with the little flecks of vanilla bean, filling the indentations of the peach slices on top that sink down into the lovely baked cake, yum! Looks like something that was made in a professional bakery! For the full recipe details you'll want to take a look at the recipe site.

The creator of this recipe site is Danae, an Arizona native currently living in Colarado. She credits her love of cooking to her mom and both of her grandmothers. Growing up she enjoyed mostly homemade meals made at home instead of take out and restaurants, seeing her mom cooking gave her an appreciation at a young age for the different types of food and quality food. Her grandmothers were also great cooks and bakers, this site is a way to share great recipes. This site shares her passions for cooking and running. Her running is a way of doing something for herself, a way of seeing how far she can run and how fast she can become, when she runs she feels happy, strong and healthy. Then she shares all of her amazing recipes with us too! To read more about this recipe, visit the website link below to the "Recipe Runner," website.

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