Cherry Cream Cheese Pie Recipe

Looking for pies you don't need to bake? Try this easy no bake cherry cream cheese pie filling in a baked graham wafer crust. This recipe is easy to make and easy to enjoy. If you're craving for something sweet for tonight's dessert and prefer the no bake versions of cheesecakes then if you make it up in the morning, it will have enough time to chill in the refrigerator before serving it at the evening meal.

It was believed that pie pastry originated in Ancient Greeks during plays of Aristophanes (5th Century BC) there are mentions of sweetmeats including small pastries filled with fruits. But, nothing is known for the actual pastry and fruit used. Although, Greeks distinctively recognized the trade of a pastry cook.

During the 1st century of Roman cookbook, there are mentions too of various recipes that involve a pie case. It was said that the most popular pie/cake was called Placenta, a modern day cheesecake on a pastry base, often used as an offering to the gods. With development, pies are now a part of the history as one of the easiest food to bake and remain its popularity even until today.

Last summer, my kids and I spent our summer at my in-law's place. They have a very beautiful cherry tree and the cherries were in season!

My kids had fun picking the cherries and eating them by the handfuls. Since my mom-in-law is known for her scrumptious desserts, you can be sure we were treated to a homemade cherry pie.

The recipe here uses can cherry pie filling, but for those that grow their own cherries, you likely may make your cherry topping from scratch.

This cherry cream cheese pie makes a perfect take-a-long potluck dessert.

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