Baking, But No Eggs? Here Are Easy Swaps

Do you love baking, but aren't able to use eggs? This great article by food reference expert Phil Lempert will give you some excellent egg-replacement ideas!

These days, many of us aren't able to eat eggs for many different reasons for some of us, it's food allergies, for others, it's dietary preferences. Whatever the reason, though, it's good to know we can still bake our favourite goods whenever we get a notion to! What's more, the finished product will taste just as yummy if not even better than the original recipe that called for eggs in the first place. And it may even be healthier, too!

When choosing your recipes, there are two important points to keep in mind. First of all, the fewer eggs it calls for, the easier it will be. Go for one-egged wonders wherever possible! The second important thing to consider is how the egg replacement will affect the overall flavour of the dish once it's done. Basically, just remember to keep your sweets sweet by using sweet egg substitutes and your savouries savoury by using savoury ones. The good news is there is a great variety of substitutes you can choose from!

Phil gives us lots of great ideas, and one of the most popular of these, if you're baking sweets, is pureed bananas because of their lovely moisture content.

If you are going to cook a meal that is savory such as burgers or meatloaf, regardless if it is vegetarian or meat. You can substitute the eggs in the recipe for simple tomato paste. Tomato paste gives a nice flavour, and is healthy with antioxidants such as lycopene. It's also nice way to get another fruit or vegetable into your day.

Flax sees are another healthy and good substitute instead of using eggs. Not only are flax seeds an antioxidant, but they are a superfood known to be rich in finer, vitamins and minerals. Sounds like a good substitute to try. To use them in a recipe you need to grind the flax seeds first in a coffee grinder, and then mix the ground flax seeds with water. A tip if you don't want any residual coffee flavor in your flax seed powder, make sure to completely clean out your coffee grinder before using.

Another trick that might come in handy if you are needing an egg replacement is using canned, pureed pumpkin or another fruit puree like applesauce in your baked goods. Not only is this a healthy alternative to eggs, for whatever reasons you aren't using them, maybe you just don't have them in the house. This also allows you to reduce the amount of oil in your recipe, making it a win-win situation. Plus your recipes will come out super moist. About a third of a cup of applesauce is equivalent to an egg.

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You may want to experiment with these tips and tricks a little bit before having your friends over to sample them try them on yourself or close family guinea pigs first, instead. Once you get it down to a simple science, however, the sky will be the limit and you'll never have to worry about how you're going to go eggless again.

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