An Easy Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

What goes better with a cooked ham than scalloped potatoes? While making homemade scalloped potatoes can seem like a daunting task, do not fret! There is An Easy Scalloped Potatoes Recipe. This recipe is not only quick and simple, but tasty and healthier than traditional scalloped potatoes too.

Julie Van Rosendaal, the creative mind behind this easy scalloped potatoes recipe, self-identifies as “a food writer, author, stylist, journalist, food and nutrition columnist on the Calgary Eyeopener on CBC Radio One, contributor to an amazing new online cooking series, Good Bite, and co-host of a TV cooking show (It's Just Food on Viva Network)”. Julie is also the author of three best-selling cookbooks. She resides in Calgary, Alberta in western Canada and shares a nearly 100-year old house with her husband, young son – five-year old son Willem, and Lou – their big black dog. Obviously Julie loves food and, thankfully, has shared her recipe with us.

Scalloped potatoes are essentially the same dish as Dauphinoise potatoes, which are named after the place they are said to have originated - the Dauphiné region of France. (Cooks of Dauphinoise potatoes often rub garlic along the inside edges of their baking dishes prior to cooking.) Scalloped potatoes are easily turned into Potatoes au Gratin by adding a top crust of crumbs and butter with grated cheese. Traditionally, scalloped potatoes utilize a lot of butter and heavy cream, but Julie's recipe calls for part chicken stock and recommends the use of evaporated or plain milk to lighten the fat and calories even further. Butter could also be substituted for margarine and regular cheese could be substituted for light or low-fat cheese.

While scalloped potatoes can be a laborious dish, Julie's easy scalloped potatoes recipe only requires about 35 minutes of cooking time. She recommends letting this dish set, after cooking, for 15 minutes. This is to allow the sauce to thicken and holds the dish together better. I recommend heavily greasing the baking dish before filling with the hot potato mixture for easier clean-up!

Scalloped potatoes remind me of home, my grandmother and mother used to make them for every New Year's dinner that we had with Ham served as the main dish, the creamy scalloped potatoes were the perfect side dish. Cheese and potatoes cooked to perfection, it doesn't get much better than that. Delicious. Other popular potato dishes include mashed potatoes, whole baked potatoes,boiled or steamed potatoes, smashed potatoes, French fried potatoes or chips, cut into cubes and roasted potatoes, scalloped, diced, or sliced and fried (home fries), grated into small thin strips and fried (hash browns), grated and formed into dumplings, potato gnocchi, potato casserole, potato soup, potatoes gratin, potato pancakes, potato salad, leek potato soup, Rösti or potato pancakes.

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