A Recipe With Doritos In It? I'm In! Check Out This Simple And Yummy Taco Bake

Do you and your family enjoy tacos? If you do, you will all love this awesome Taco Bake recipe that comes from Two Maids a Milking. Tacos seem to be a very popular dinner recipe choice, even in the United States and Canada. In Mexico, tacos can be found everywhere, since this was where the recipe originated from. Tacos are basically meat or vegetables that are put into a flour or corn made tortilla. For the modern day taco, people like to put on some hot sauce and some cheese to enhance the flavour of the taco even more. My personal favourite tacos are fish tacos or shrimp tacos served with fresh made salsa, which is called pico de gallo. The fresh flavours of the fish and the lime juice with all of the fresh vegetables is amazing, especially on a hot day. When I lived in Mexico for a little while, we would eat tacos all the time, and even make them at home. You might think we would be sick of them by now, but we still have them at home very often and go out for them when we find a good authentic Mexican restaurant. Mexican food is one of my favourite types of cuisine. The spices and herbs used are all so flavourful and aromatic, the ingredients to Mexican recipes always have so much depth and interest to them and they are usually quite heathy as well.

The first people to use tortillas and stuff them with meat and other ingredients were the Mayan and Aztec people of Mexico. They ate pretty much every meal with a type of tortilla whether corn or flour based. It serves as a great way to pick up meat without the use of utensils and the tortilla also soaks up so much of the flavours of the spices and sauces. As time has gone on, more Mexican recipes have made their way to Canada and the United States, with authentic Mexican restaurants popping up all over the place run by people from Mexico. Their recipes are like none other and the people from Mexico who love to cook just have a way about it that is so amazing, food is treated as an art as it should be which is another reason why I love authentic Mexican food so much.

Mexican food has also fused with American style food, and there have been other types of recipes that have been called Tex-Mex. The fusion of foods from the southern states of the United States and the foods from Mexico come together to make recipes that are like a modern take on the old authentic style recipes. This recipe for the Taco Bake would definitely fall under the category of a Tex-Mex recipe, because it fuses the spices and similar recipe idea as a Mexican style recipe, but it incorporates items like Pillsbury crescent rolls instead of tortillas and Doritos chips. For this Taco bake recipe you take hamburger meat and after it is cooked with all of the taco seasoning, add to a casserole dish and layer it with some sour cream, tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. The crust of the recipe is made by taking the whole tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls and rolling them out ins a casserole dish to make the bottom layer. Then goes the meat and then the sour cream and cheese, the top layer is the Doritos chips that are crushed on top. Once it is baked, you have a beautiful casserole that will be able to feed the whole family! This recipe is so easy you might find yourself making it for a gathering or a potluck to share with a group of people. Check out this recipe and more while you are over at the Two Maids a Milking website! Happy Cooking!

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