A fish that looks exactly like the creature from alien

“What do aliens really look like, eh?” Have you ever seen strange-looking fish? “Yeah?” And have you seen the movie 'Alien'? “Yes.” Well, it is possible that aliens look like this. Anyway, we really don't have the slightest idea about how aliens look like except from how those alien films depict aliens. Well, here are some of Earth's creatures that are believed to look like them. Let's take a look.

The Black Dragon Fish lives in the deep sea and is found as deep as 1.5 meters. It has a protruding jaw and fang-like teeth. It is a terrifying looking creature that you would not like to encounter. Fortunately for people, they are not a threat. This 6 inch (15cm) does little harm and the sharp teeth are necessary because of the hard environment with little to no food it inhabits.

One of these creatures is the Dumbo octopus. This octopus is called Dumbo because of its ear-like fin. According to Mark Pygas, Dumbo octopus “lives at extreme depths of 10,000 to 11,000 feet, searching for worms and other crustaceans at the seafloor.” Another alien-looking like creature is the red-lipped Batfish. Batfish are found in the “waters around the Galapagos Islands but are terrible swimmers.” Red-lipped Batfish have learned to walk the ocean floor through their fins. The last one is the Star-nosed mole. Its alien-like tentacles have made it one of the creatures who can look like an alien. “Living most of their lives underground, these animals are a rare sight to humans as well as mostly blind. Their tentacles give them an extremely good sense of touch and can also detect the minute electrical fields given off by their prey,” says Pygas.

These creatures really look bizarre. What would you do if you saw aliens looking like these creatures?

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