9 Amazing No-Bread Sandwich Ideas

You will want to take a look at these 9 Amazing No-Bread Sandwich Ideas. With more and more people thinking about being gluten-free these days, these recipes for healthy foods is a good place to start. These healthy food recipes are also good if you are trying to find healthy alternatives to eating less bread. You'll love all the yummy healthy recipes for dinner, and won't miss the bread and buns as much as you might think. If anything these recipes for healthy foods gets you thinking outside of the box; people are so used to using bread and buns for so many things that it's a matter of trying out alternatives and seeing how you like them.

One of the healthy recipes for dinner is a tomato avocado burger. This is just one of the creative ways you can change the way you look at burger recipe. The main purpose of a bun in a burger is that it holds everything together and soaks up the sauces and the juices. So while using tomatoes will hold together your burger it won't necessarily soak up the sauces. What it will do however is bring out a lot of flavor and freshness in the burger. Plus tomatoes are an awesome low carb and gluten-free alternative to high-calorie buns. Tomatoes are also so moist and juicy. Two of the most important factors when eating a burger. Another of the healthy recipes for dinner is a portabella halloumi burger. Once people change their ideas on their concepts of burgers, the whole world of eating opens up. This meatless burger idea uses giant portabella mushroom caps as the buns with a slice of grilled halloumi that takes the place of the burger. You will want to give this healthy recipes for dinner a try.

There are plenty of gluten-free bread alternatives out there; it's just a matter of finding the ones you like most. One to try is these gluten free tapioca wraps. These wraps are super easy to make, and the gluten-free dough recipe can be made ahead of time. You'll just want to be sure and wrap the dough tightly in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator for a week, or in the freezer for even longer. If you do freeze the gluten-free dough, be sure to wrap it in something that is freezer-safe to avoid freezer burn, and let the dough defrost overnight in the refrigerator. Then use it straight from the refrigerator. It's easiest to work with the dough when it's cold. Another of the healthy food recipe includes a barbecue salmon lettuce wraps recipe. Crisp lettuce does a good job at all sort of healthy food recipes for sandwiches. It's light, crispy and virtually calorie free. While many people can't wrap their heads around replacing bread with lettuce, it's something that takes getting used to, but feeling guilt free about eating is a nice trade off. This healthy food recipe mashes up a couple of baked yams with leftover masala-spiced barbecue salmon and then the mixture is spooned into fresh lettuce cups.

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