3D printer can prepare food

Many people are super excited about the major advancements in technology these days, we now have 3D printers that can literally make anything out of plastic. Well, how about a 3D printer that can prepare food!... I have honestly thought about this before. When the 3D printers first came out, I thought about how neat it would be if someone could then come out with a 3D food printer, that you could just put the ingredients into, and then it would produce whatever food you wanted to eat, all prepared for you! Well, now look, here it is! This is a cool 3D food printing device called Foodini, which is such an awesome name for something like this too, because it is totally like magic that you can be able to put in your ingredients, and then the finished food product comes out! Technology is so amazing isn't it?!

But, as with any technological advancements, the first products to come out are usually not without a few not so appealing qualities. For example, the food that is made by the Foodini 3D food printer, is not actually ready to be eaten as soon as it comes out of the printer. It is just made into the form of the food and then you have to cook it yourself. I guess that is pretty good though for something that is just being designed and not yet fully being marketed to the public. They hope to make future models that will also cook the food, so that it is ready to be eaten as soon as it comes out of the machine. This would make a lot more sense to me for sure. It would be like having your own personal chef! Imagine all you had to do was add in some ingredients and then out comes the food, ready to eat? It is like something off of the old cartoon The Jetsons!

The Foodinis are geared toward chefs, to be used in restaurants, to save time and maybe even money in the long run, or make more money by being able to make dishes more quickly. It is also marketed toward people who have little time, but a lot of money as the machines will run for about $1, 300 a piece to start. They are already working on the concept of having the ingredients already in capsules ready to go into the machines, but you can also use your own ingredients from your pantry. What do you think about this futuristic easy bake oven? For people who actually enjoy cooking, it kind of takes the fun out of it in a way. I personally would like to stick to the old school ways of being connected to our food, as we are losing so much connection to things with the advancement of technology. I enjoy doing all of the prep work that goes into making a recipe and find it very enjoyable actually.but can also be beneficial in some ways for super busy people who want to eat healthy, or people who just are not good at cooking. Head over to 'Geeks are Sexy' by following the link in the section below for more!

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