29 Places You Never Expected To Find Your Cat

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When was the last time you came home to find your kitty face planted, fast asleep in your slipper? Or what about the house-plant-pot? Or finding your fat-cat somehow squished into a ridiculously small space of some sort? Its amazing how cats find themselves in some of the most awkward and strange places, and yet can manage to doze right off and thoroughly enjoy their cat-nap.

My furry little friend, Bianca, always seems to find herself in a new and strange nap-time spot every few days. Its hilarious and every time, I come home and catch her in her slumber, I cannot resist but to take a quick snap. Or at least try to. Of course, as all cats are, extremely aware of their surroundings, she somehow wakes up just in time and its too late for the photo. Darn.

Cats definitely love their nap time though it seems that naps are more of an all day affair. There are quite a few peculiar facts about a cat's rest pattern. For example, did you know that cats often sleep for about 16 hours a day. A lot, right? Well, that totals to about six years for a nine-year old cat. Phew. So its easy to say that most of their life time is spent...well, sleeping. And though cats do often have the ability to freely wake up at any moment, sleeping takes about three quarters of their entire lifespan. Next fun little fact, cat are crepuscular meaning, that they are the most active and hyper during the hours of dusk and dawn. Its no wonder, given how much they sleep, cats have plenty of time to try out some ridiculous positions and places to sleep. The apparent inconvenience of sleeping in a bowl or between books seems quite a normal thing if you need to stay alerted at any time and when you're as flexible as they are. Most importantly, however, they are hilarious and adorable.

So, if you're like me and own a cat or two, you're well aware about how our feline friends have the marvelous ability to sleep wherever they want, however they want. These pictures will show you just how funny or weird their sleep positions can get.

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