15 Unique Horses Have The Most Gorgeous Hair You Will Ever See

Hair is a defining feature on humans and animals alike, it gives us our own unique and particular flair and has a way of really changing the way we look. Here we take a look at 15 unique horses that have the most gorgeous hair you will ever see. Okay their hair might not be like the supermodels plastered all over the cover of magazines of course, they are still animals after all, but they're still beautiful long and lush locks that you will be sure to appreciate. Now, careful not to get too jealous, you might even wish you had hair as nice as some of these horses. But they were bred for years and years to have these particular traits really reach a whole new level of beauty.

On the article you will find horses from the Netherlands, some that are owned by Martha Stewart so you know they have to be beautiful, others are favorites in Spain, and of course you will some gorgeous mustangs. These 15 unique horses literally have the most gorgeous hair you will ever see. It's almost hard to believe their just born that way, and with some attentive and caring grooming they can look so impeccable. Each of the photos is unique and has its own style .

Some of the horses have one flat color, while others are spotted with some different colors all throughout. Others again have bangs! They are so cute. With each beautiful picture comes a brief description so you can learn a bit more about the horse and where they live and came from. If you love horses then I know you're going to love this article.

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