15 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks

You will love these 15 Classic Handy Tool Tips and Tricks on how to make your life easier. You can never have too many tool tips and tricks for around the house, simple ideas that save you time and money. These easy to do tool real life hacks will have you thinking differently when it comes to your woodworking projects and home repairs. For starters, some people think hand screw clamps are old-fashioned school-shop tools, not something a modern woodworker would use. While screw clamps may be better for most jobs, you will find that for jobs a bit out of the ordinary that hand screws work best. For anything out of the ordinary, reach for a couple of hand screws. First off, the jaws can clamp tapered parts or parts that aren't parallel. And secondly because they are made from wood, you can cut them, drill them and screw stuff to them. The example you see is an oval stool seat that would be tough to clamp with standard clamps. But with hanger screws that are driven into a hand screw clamp, it's easy to do. Just drill a couple of holes into the stool seat, then insert the hanger screws and squeeze the split seat together. Another of the tool simple life hacks include a straight-up drill guide. If you are hoping to make a perfectly perpendicular hole, you can either use a drill press or a couple of scraps of wood that are screwed together.

The corner created by the scraps of wood will steer the drill bit straight in every time, and the best part about this real life hacks is that it won't cost you as much as a drill press would. Another inexpensive tool trick is an instant saw support. Next time you need something to saw on try using simple and inexpensive t-blocks. T-blocks have a variety of uses from supporting long boards, raising projects off your workbench so you can work more comfortably, propping up assemblies so you can slip clamps under them, making drying racks for finishing projects and so much more. You can build a few from scrap wood, and you'll find uses for them that you didn't even consider. If you are looking for the perfect worktable, you don't have to look much further than that old hollow core door you have sitting in the garage. Old hollow-core doors make the perfect portable worktable. Just set it on a couple of sawhorses and you have a surface that's flat and strong but lightweight and easy to store.

A recharge station is one way how to make your life easier in the workshop. A recharge station is an excellent spot put aside that can keep all your cordless tools organized and kept in one spot. By keeping them in one place and plugging them into a power strip, you won't be looking all over the place for them. You will also always know where to find them, along with having surge protection and an instant way to switch them all off after the batteries are charged.You will find this real life hacks on classic handy tool tips and tricks on "The Family Handyman" site. This do it yourself site is the number one DIY home improvement site. On the site, you will find how to make your life easier, simple life hacks, kitchen tips, room ideas skills, do it yourself projects for different parts of the house and outdoor ideas. On the helpful site, you will also find step by step do it yourself video tutorials to follow. *

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