You've Never Seen A Tiny House Like This. I'm Amazed At What He Did!

You've Never Seen A Tiny House Like This. I'm Amazed At What He Did!

Tiny home carpenters are truly artists, pouring a great deal of their own character, imagination, and personal style into each home that they design. And, theyre constantly trying to raise the bar with each and every one that they make. Weve sure seen a lot of tiny houses lately, but we dont think weve ever seen one quite like this!

The stuff of legends, the tiny homes of Zyl Vardos are becoming increasingly popular. Quirky, cartoonish, and totally original, these finely crafted houses will make you do a double-take on the highway or your computer screen - on any day of the week.

Take your pick! Would you like a spaceship? A fortune cookie? A bird house? Or perhaps you want something altogether new and completely unique a one-of-a-kind just for you? Zyl Vardos can work with you to design the tiny house of your wildest dreams.

And this head-turning little treasure the Ark House is Zyls latest masterpiece! With its copper roof, arched double-paned windows, and sweet-smelling cedar interior, this marvelous little storybook house exceeds any expectations we may ever have had regarding tiny houses. With all of its curves and exaggerated angles, the existence of a home like this surely proves that anything absolutely anything is possible! Structurally-sound, airtight, and completely functional, its easy to imagine living here happily ever after. And just how did he get those angles right? The genius! The skill! The creativity! This man is a genuine space master. We love this design in particular and cant wait to see more of his creations.

Zyl Vardos is based in Olympia, Washington and specializes in original tiny house-building as well as on and off-grid systems.

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