You'll Be Surprised by the Comfort of This Seemingly Plain Log House (Click for Floor Plan)

You'll Be Surprised by the Comfort of This Seemingly Plain Log House (Click for Floor Plan)

Now that you’ve bitten the bullet and totally committed yourself to building a log cabin to call home, the next step is finding the floor plan that is best suited to your needs. This can be an onerous task, but we’re here to help with one little suggestion: the Linville III Log Home Plan. Could this be the floor plan for you? We think it could be, otherwise we wouldn’t have mentioned it! But first, we want to congratulate you for being so brave. We know how big the decision is to build your own log home, but we also know how satisfying the end result can be. Every day, we study so many success stories on people like you who have made this choice and never looked back. It can be tricky but it can be done, and that’s why we’re here to encourage you.

We also know how difficult it can be to find the right log home floor plan. Why? Simply because there are so many out there. Don’t get us wrong, we live in an age where information is always at our fingertips. This is much more than our parents, grandparents, or ancestors ever had. We are so blessed to have so many log cabin designs to choose from. But we also realize just how overwhelming it can be. Where to start? Sometimes we can rely on a friend’s advice and sometimes we can rely on synchronicity. If it’s meant to be, it will just show up. Well, today the Linville III is showing up on your computer. That can’t be a mere coincidence, right? Even if the Linville III log home isn’t for you, perhaps it has one or two features that appeal to you, things you might want to build into your own floor plan. It may inspire you to do a few things you might not have considered before. This log cabin design comes from the “My Wood Home” website, in case you were wondering, and there are tons more available – in all shapes and sizes. So, if this isn’t the perfect match, you might want to see some of the others because we’re sure there’s a special message here just for you.

So let’s check the Linville III cabin out in detail, shall we? First of all, please know that the floor plan can be adapted to your needs, whatever they may be. This log cabin is best suited for couples and could be one of the most romantic getaways you’ve ever experienced. It would also be a wonderful new home for a just-married couple or if you have one child. If you need something bigger than this, then as we mentioned – there are plenty more where this came from! This Linville log home comes with the quintessential Great Room that is so key to any log cabin experience. This means it has an open-concept kitchen and living room, with lots of breathing space – and if that’s not enough, you have picture windows to let in the light and the view, giving you the sense of even more space. You’ll also love the fact that the Master Bedroom is on the main floor, so you don’t have far to go if you’re sleepy. Also on the main floor of the Linville III is a Master Bathroom, which is closely connected to the Master Bedroom. So you really have everything you need downstairs – everything upstairs is a bonus!

And what’s upstairs? A second bedroom and bathroom, of course. There’s also a lovely railed landing where you can look down into the Great Room – again, you have the sensation of so much space! This sweet log cabin home would be a joy to live in. The Linwood also has a garage downstairs as well as a covered front porch big enough for two or three chairs so you can sit out here and take in the great outdoors – isn’t that what owning your own log cabin is for? Enjoy!

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