Youll Be So Ready To Move Into The Woods When You See This Amazing Home.

Youll Be So Ready To Move Into The Woods When You See This Amazing Home.

Our ideas of dream homes are starting to change, and thats a very good thing. For some, the concept of a huge house with umpteen rooms filled with stuff can actually be quite overwhelming in this day and age. More and more of us are longing for something much simpler, not to mention less expensive and with a much smaller footprint on the environment. Living in a simple yet beautiful home leads to a simpler way of life. And a simpler way of life, for many, is a much happier one. We feel much lighter when we let go of all that unnecessary clutter, and we feel like were doing a good thing for the world. We really dont need all that space, all those cars, all that stuff! Especially not when we have the wide open wilderness right outside our front door. This is why tiny houses and cabins are just so darned appealing!

And just because you want to live simply doesnt mean you dont have to live without comfort. Tiny house designs are becoming more creative all the time, and its amazing what you can do with just a small amount of space. Take living in this tiny cabin, for example! It may look small and rustic on the outside, but just peek in the window for a sec you wont believe what you see!

Its the lap of simple luxury. Its got everything. A kitchen area, tables for dining, and a wood stove for heating. Heating a tiny space like this will be easy no more huge heating bills to worry about. And the bed! It looks like you could fit your whole family in that sleeping area and wow, it all looks so comfy.

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