You Will Be Amazed How Much this Little Log Cabin 'Doesn't' Cost

You Will Be Amazed How Much this Little Log Cabin 'Doesn't' Cost

If you know about how high house prices have gotten than You Will Be Amazed How Much this Little Log Cabin 'Doesn't' Cost! Cabins and tiny homes are quickly growing in popularity these days, people all over the world are going smaller for many different reasons. People are minimizing or downsizing their stuff, house prices and rent is at an all time high and because the size of homes these days are contributing to harming the environmental. A lot of people just want more freedom and the things that money can't buy. This movement isn not at all about sacrifice, rather it is trying to incorporate our modern conveniences with energy efficient technology and a smaller environmental footprint. People are wanting to live in a home they love, doing a job they love and not having the stress of how to pay for a bunch of stuff that doesn't mean anything anyway. Living small, means living within your means. So that you can have a fulfilling contented life with no stress.

If you are looking to go that route, here is the perfect little cabin that you can buy and have your ticket to a simpler life, even if it is just for a getaway now and then. The Park Model Cabin is located in the Poconos in Pennsylvania. It is a darling cabin and is 240 square feet, with a bedroom and a bathroom, a full kitchen and living room and is fully furnished for your connivence. It is even located on a lake and there is also a pool and a hot tub on site, a laundromat, and plenty of fun for kids with an arcade, mini golf and basketball courts.

If you are curious as to how much it will cost, it is only a mere $7000 to buy! Yes, you read that right, only $7000! So you don't even need to get a loan for this one, it is all ready to go. The only thing you need to pay after is a $1900 camp ground fee per year. Which is not a lot in the larger scheme of things. The cabin is a good size, you will be outside most of the time anyway probably if you are there in the summer. The decor could be updated a bit, but with all the money you save on the cost of the home, that should be no problem at all!

Check it out on 'Tiny House Listings' by following the link in the description!

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