You Know A Home Is Classic When It Stands The Ages

You Know A Home Is Classic When It Stands The Ages

The Mountain View log home is one of Coventry Log Homes most popular log home designs. The log home has a covered porch that wraps onto an open outdoor deck with lots of windows that let in the scenic views and natural light. This log home design is 2,184 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, cathedral ceilings and an open concept kitchen/dining and living room area. Coventry Log Homes have been in business for over twenty years. All of the logs they use in their log home packages are pre-cut, numbered, and lettered at their factory exactly to your log home plan, which includes all the corners, all the windows and door openings, and all the gable logs. This saves you thousands of dollars on the construction side. Using pre-cut logs means that your log home will go up faster on the job, which also means you will get to enjoy your new log home that much quicker. With better log home quality construction, they use specialty equipment that is designed to make the cuts and notches exactly to the plan. Other log home companies send you uncut logs and expect you to do that on site, and it can't always be done.

Coventry Log Homes uses the best kiln-dried Northeastern White Pine logs to build their log homes and log cabins. They use the best quality pine logs in the world, logs that are located within an 80 mile radius of their factory. Using better trees means that you get a better log home product. Along with the best logs, they make sure the logs are dry and stable. Coventry Log Homes is one of very few log home companies that certify the moisture of their loads. Their log homes and log cabins are 3rd party verified and designed to meet the criteria of a non-settling log home system to the standards of the ICC 400-2012 Standard on the Design and Construction of Log Structures. So that means no settling screws or jack bolts are used in their log homes. Companies that use jack bolts to accommodate for their green wet logs expect you, as the customer, to adjust these for several years. This is something to consider when choosing your log home builder.

Log home building codes requires that logs be graded in every state by a 3rd party grading agency. That means building inspectors can stop log home construction onsite if you can not produce the proper documentation for the logs you are building with. Coventry log homes grade all of their logs to the Log and Timber Home Council specifications. That means that you are going to have a log home that is built with quality logs that will stand the test of time. Coventry Log Homes also guarantees that their log home pricing won't be beaten. They feel that price is important, and they give a promise that their log homes will be lower than anyone else.

When it comes to building the log home of your dreams, you want to choose a log home design, log home package and log home builder that can deliver a quality log home that you know will stand the test of time. You want a log home that will not only match your lifestyle and needs but will be priced fairly, and clearly match your vision of what you expected. With so many log home manufacturers out there, it's important to do your research and find the right log home company that you can trust. So when you are sitting in your log home or log cabin, you can look back upon the process and be happy with the results.

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