You have to see how this log home was made!

You have to see how this log home was made!

If you have any interest whatsoever in log cabins, antique wood, or log home building, then you simply HAVE to see how this log home was made! Its brilliant, absolutely brilliant. First of all, the company that makes logs cabins like this one is Vintage Timberworks. Based in Temecula, California with other show rooms in Santa Barbara, Arizona, and Baja Sur, these folks have been around for over twenty years and their team has over 70 years of combined experience. Theyve built log cabin homes all over Canada, the US, and Mexico perhaps youve even seen a few! The quality and unique character of their work is not only well known, but its easily recognized for its antique charm and flavour. Just look at the pictures on their website! And this one in particular a pictures worth a thousand words when it comes to seeing how this log home was made.

All of Vintage Timberworks lumber is hand-selected seasoned, vintage, reclaimed, and recycled wood. Where do they find all of this wonderful building material? Well, quite often from antique barn beams, siding, and flooring, but there are many other sources as well. The woods they use include beautiful Douglas fir, cedar, larch, and redwood.Why vintage wood? Oh, for so many reasons! Some of these include its low moisture content, which enhances architectural stability - unlike younger wood, it is not subject to splitting or shrinkage and will therefore last a very long time. Another wonderful reason for using vintage wood is its beauty every beam is totally unique, and has a story to tell. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, using recycled wood is easy on the environment. Theres plenty to go around without having to fell any more living trees.

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