You Have to be Pretty Proud of a Timber Frame House to Build it Twice Before you Even Have a Buyer.

You Have to be Pretty Proud of a Timber Frame House to Build it Twice Before you Even Have a Buyer.

This is an amazing example of what can be built when design and imagination come together. Here is a great example of a timber frame barn house, The Phoenix Barn when you are planning a Timber Frame Barn. Chris Neill and Dwayne Keim, timber builders and Jacques Berten, who is an investor to the project, came together to create this beautiful timber frame barn house. The men had the idea to use the timber frame building techniques to build a unique home that had rustic charm with some modern day style. Timber frame building is usually used in log house building techniques, and it is a wonderful method to implement when building a large structure like this barn home. The timber framing methods provide a solid, sturdy structure for the home, similar to log home building projects. This process uses the best in quality materials that are the strongest and most durable and that add to the structural integrity of the house. So the largest logs will be used to make the posts and beams that make up the frame or the bones of the home. The larger the structure is, the stronger the bones have to be which is why they chose this method over any other for this epic build.

When we think of barns, we usually think of them as shelters for farm animals and farm equipment to house them all and keep them safe. A barn is usually not thought of as a house, but as style and design evolves, we stretch our limits to think outside the box and to see familiar structures in new ways. This unconventional idea is what Chris, Dwayne and Jacques were thinking of when they designed this barn house. Now, the men didn't even have a buyer before they built, but they wanted to try out their idea simply for their own expression and then they figured someone would love it as much as they did and come along and buy it. This also allowed them to not have to stay inside the limitations that might be imposed by a buyer who wanted the house to be a certain way. Sadly, far along in their build, the timber barn house caught fire, and the damages were irreparable. But the men were dedicated to finishing their concept and following through on building their timber barn house.

The finished result is nothing short of amazing. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the men salvaged what was left of their original build and made it into the glorious building it is today. This barn home has 40 foot ceilings that can be seen from the basement area, which makes the home feel so open and exceptionally spacious. All of the exposed posts and beams really lend to the architectural style of the barn house and showcase the amazing work that was put into the house. The gambrel style roof makes the house seem even more like a barn, but it is very well balanced with the modern contemporary style, that it doesn't feel too rustic. The windows of the barn house follow the same style and shape of the roof giving the front face of the house a very interesting look. The home is a work of art to say the least, and it is so wonderful that the guys decided to finish building it instead of just walking away from it. They created something totally unique and it will make a fine home for the right person who falls in love with the style of the house. Maybe these guys should create some more barn home projects, it would be interesting to see what else they could put together.*

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