You Don't Need to Work 12 Hours a Day to Afford a Log House

You Don't Need to Work 12 Hours a Day to Afford a Log House

There is a general consensus that log cabins are some of the sweetest structures out there in the world. And this Wokingham 1 Bed Log Chalet, is surly no exception. With it's lovely dark brown, walnut coloured stain, and very simple design and style, with subtle unique features, it would be a wonderful cabin or home for anyone who would be lucky enough to have it in their life. Don't let the Wokingham's petite size fool you. This cabin has quite a sizeable interior that could surprise most people. From the outside, it doesn't look like much, but when you see the inside, you might be shocked at how much fits inside this cabin. Well, like the saying goes, good things come in small packages, right?

Upon entering the Wokingham log cabin, the first thing that might be noticed is how high the ceilings are in the cabin. It is designed with beautiful, high cathedral ceilings that soar above standing height. This helps in making the cabin seem more spacious than it actually is and provides really good air flow as well. The double doors are a nice way to enter into the home, and this also really opens up the house to the outdoors, making it seem even larger and helping with the air flow again. The windows are a good size as well, allowing lots of great light into the space. A small kitchen counter is all one really needs, and there is quite good cabinet space too for storing dishes and food. There may not be enough space for a full sized fridge or stove, but a mini fridge could suffice for a single person and maybe a couple. Then a cook top or hot plate could work on the counter, as well as a convection oven or an outdoor barbecue.

The bathroom is a good size, with a sink vanity, as well as a fair sized stand up shower. Again, this would work wonderfully for a single person or a couple, and you don't really need much more space then that typically. This could also make for a great addition to an existing property to act as a guest house for your own personal guests, or as a rental unit, or a nanny suite or for your own parents as they grow older. The suite could also be used as a rental property like a Bed and Breakfast. There are many people who rent out a separate suite on their property to travellers or tourists in their area. It can be a great way to bring in some more income, as well as get to know people all over the world. You see many places like this on Airbnb that you can stay at. So if you live in a place that is touristy, it might be a nice option.

New Forest Log Cabins has many different cabins to choose from, so it really makes the process of obtaining one of these cabins easy. Not everyone likes or wants the same thing, so that is why they have offered a bunch of different cabins in a range of sizes and styles. New Forest Log Cabins specializes in log cabins like this one, as well as mobile homes and lodges and sport and leisure buildings. They even offer educational buildings like preschools, nurseries, portable classrooms and outdoor classrooms and shelters. They offer so many amazing log cabins and structures at great prices and have a price promise. Log cabins make some of the most beautiful, sustainable, durable and environmentally friendly places to live. There are so many amazing benefits to owning a cabin built from logs over any other type of building material. Check out some of their great log cabins.

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