You Don't Need a Mansion to Live a Happy Life

You Don't Need a Mansion to Live a Happy Life

There is a big revolution sweeping the nation in a small, and humble way. The tiny house movement is causing a revolution in the housing industry and this beauty of a tiny home, called La Arboleda, is part of it. Tiny houses are an old way of life that has been birthed into a new and exciting concept. People used to live in tiny homes all of the time throughout history, and it wasn't really until more recent decades in the 20th century. Throughout the ages, we see people living in homes where there were definitely not enough rooms for each member in the family. Everyone just made do with the space that they were able to build or afford at the time. Sometimes, this meant that everyone slept in one room with the fire place to keep warm. These smaller houses were known for their efficiency and their convenience to build affordably.

Now, we are seeing more people who are catching onto this idea, that less can be more, and that you don't need a mansion to live a happy life. When you really think about it, you don't really need that much space to live in to survive. All you really need is a place to make food, a bathroom is a necessity, a place to relax and a place to sleep. And maybe a place to work these days, if you work from home. Many people these days can't really see their way to affording a brand new, large house either, which is why the tiny house is such an appealing option. Especially if it is made from reclaimed materials, like La Arboleda you see in this post. You can find a lot of materials to build yourself a home, and a pretty beautiful one, if you design it well and implement the materials well.

The people from Reclaimed Space absolutely utilized the materials they found in a very unique and beautiful way. The house, located in Driftwood, Texas, shows the perfect example of how beautiful a smaller home, built from reclaimed and recycled materials can be. If you look through the photos, you will be amazed at how stylish and chic this home truly is. They used a lot of reclaimed wood, and corrugated metal siding for the shell of the tiny house, and the colours and textures of the wood, with the metal, just look so industrial and cool together. They continued this choice of materials on the inside of the home, using wood for the inside of the walls and the corrugated metal for the ceiling cover. It sounds very rustic and maybe even junky, but it looks amazing, and very reminiscent of this shabby chic style everyone has been into for the last few years.

La Arboleda, is a nicely sized home as well. It would probably be about the size of a mobile home. The kitchen is very nice and spacious, opening up to the living room in an open concept design. The island gives extra space for kitchen duties as well as creating more seating and keeping the sight lines clean in the design. The cabinetry is beautiful, with glass panes on the fronts. There is a full sized refrigerator and stove with a microwave oven above. This kitchen has everything you would have in a normal sized home's kitchen. The bathroom is also very spacious for a smaller home, with a full vanity and the toiled tucked into a private corner. One of the most stunning features is how they chose to paint pretty much all of the doors a lovely turquoise blue. It really is the perfect compliment to the reclaimed materials and gives a gorgeous splash of colour! Check out more of the photos for yourself.

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