You Don't Need a Gigantic Home to Make a Big Impression

You Don't Need a Gigantic Home to Make a Big Impression

This "Tiny House In A Pasadena Bungalow Court" is a small Craftsman style bungalow that was built in 1922, which is one in a row of six identical tiny houses on a single parcel in Pasadena. Each of the tiny houses has its own backyard, but the tiny houses share the front yard space.

A pocket neighborhood is a planned community that consists of a small group of tiny houses arranged in a way that encourages interaction and a sense of community among the residents. While pocket neighborhoods may seem like a new concept, it has actually been around for years. In Southern California, bungalow courts were a common type of affordable housing in the early 1900s, popular in Pasadena, where they first originated.

Part of the attic in this tiny house was converted into a cosy loft. The exterior of this tiny house uses an appealing free color with lots of white trim. Inside there are hardwood floors, a cute kitchen, a cosy living room, fireplace, two bedrooms and a sleeping loft, a nice backyard patio area. The sleeping loft is accessible by ladder. If you are planning a trip to Pasadena, you can rent this charming tiny house from Airbnb.

On this tiny house site you will all sorts of tiny house plans and tiny homes for sale from all over the world. There are also plenty of tiny house inspirations and ideas for you to take a look at. Some of the tiny house designs you will see on this site include; timber frame house plan for sale, a River Road timber frame house by architect Nir Pearlson has two bedrooms in 800 square feet of space; C3 Cabin plan for sale, this C3 Cabin by Vandeventer and Carlander has one lofted bedroom in a compact 16 foot by 22 foot tiny space for sale; Minim House, a modern tiny house, the Minim House is a 235 square foot studio cottage designed for maximum efficiency. It would be ideal as a garden cottage or granny flat or as a tiny vacation cottage; a Woodsy tiny cottage plan for sale, a woodsy tiny cottage by architect Cathy Schwabe with two bedrooms in 840 square feet of space; Owl Tree Cabin, a tiny cabin that feels like a treehouse. This tiny cabin has a compact kitchen and bathroom on the 225 square feet on the main level plus a loft bedroom.

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss about tiny houses is about? It seems these days that the tiny house gems are popping up all over the place, from the internet, to tiny house vacations, television shows and magazine articles. It looks as though tiny houses are here to stay, and quite honestly they have been around for longer than we realize. Did you know tiny houses have been around for thousands of years? From traditional teepees, yurts or ger nomadic homes, tiny log cabins, beach shacks or cob cottages, people from around the world have been living in tiny houses since the beginning of time. We just didn't always call them tiny houses. With that said today more than ever you can find a wide variety of tiny house designs, styles, plans and sizes, from rustic to modern, to tiny houses on wheels and available in prefab modules, there have never been as many tiny house choices than there are today, and that's good news. Good news because it means that home ownership is possible no matter what your income is, with so many tiny houses out there, hopefully it means that one day everyone will have a home.

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