You Don't Need 10,000 Square Feet to Feel Comfortable

You Don't Need 10,000 Square Feet to Feel Comfortable

You will have to take a look at this lovely Kossuth House, a small house featured on small house swoon. A small house is perfect for a small family or a couple to live in. We are seeing more people purchasing tiny homes like this one and renovating them to suit their own needs. Houses like this 1946 small home were built around the end of the Second World War and were a way for those who couldn't afford to build a large house to own a home of their own to start their families in. These houses were called war time houses because of this. They still serve as a great way for young families to purchase a home that they can make their own. With the average home size for a family usually being over 1000 square feet, this house, although by no means all too small, is considered a small home in comparison to most homes in urban centres. But these smaller homes pack a lot of style and efficiency and are way more affordable then their larger counterparts.

This lovely Kossuth House shows just how much can really be done with just 766 square feet of space. The charming and welcoming home is painted in a nice light green colour, with white and grey accents on the trim and deck that adds to it's curb appeal while remaining subtle and stylish. The deck on the front of the home is such a nice outdoor space to enjoy, with benches and rocking chairs, and the landscaping is very well done, with little flower beds here and there, and a very nice, lush green lawn. The back yard is equally as beautiful, with a big old tree, and a lot of open lawn space for playing on. This would be a perfect yard to grow a vegetable garden in as well! The covered concrete slab is great for patio furniture and a barbecue.

The whole house has been renovated and updated giving it a fresh and clean look. The bathroom and kitchen have a brand new look, implementing today's style within the older home. The kitchen is quite large for a smaller home, with plenty of counter space and brand new stainless steel, high-efficiency appliances. The bathroom has been totally redone with new fixtures and tiles, and looks quite stylishly modern. The living room has plenty of space for a large sized couch and chair, with a television and a small dining area that fits right in. I love the arched entrance ways, the one leading into the kitchen has a beautiful white subway tile on it, that flows into the rest of the kitchen as the backsplash. The two bedrooms are a great size and one shows it set up as a nursery which is perfect for a new family. The house also has a basement and a two car garage, not to mention a laundry room and workshop space. So it really shows all that you can do with such a small space!

This house was on the market for $189, 000 in Columbus, Ohio in an area called Franklin, but it has since sold. Smaller homes are a great investment to start out modestly when first buying a house. People realize that you don't need a huge house to be content in life and this Kussuth small house shows just how amazing an older small house can be when you renovate it and update it with modern touches. Living in 1000 square feet or less can also be freeing since you tend not to accumulate a ton of stuff, and you also pay quite a lot less for the smaller house than a large one. Check out the great photos at Small House Swoon and be inspired!

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