You Can't Do This With A Modular Log Home

You Can't Do This With A Modular Log Home

Log homes have always been a popular style of home, they can be modern, rustic, friendly, comfortable and eco friendly, there are log homes, log cottages and log cabin designs, to suit every taste and style, log homes can also be decorated with log furniture, log accessories and log decor to complement your natural environment. When you see this log home, you just know that "You Can't Do This With A Modular Home,"

There are some log home design ideas that cannot be accomplished with a modular, manufactured log home. Some log homes need customization. This large log home has several peaked roofs, and a tower like log area that is absolutely stunning, this is not the sort of thing that comes in a kit or package, this takes sitting down with your log home designer and going over log home ideas and plans.

Golden Eagle Log Homes is the log home company that can do this customization for you, by being with you every step of the way and listening to exactly what you want in your log home. This log home company is a family run business that grew from a successful building supply company, the log home side of the business started when the owners Wally and Marlace parameter decided to build their own log home to raiser their family. The family selected the trees from their own property and carefully cut and dried the logs to their preference, they began construction on their home and after a year, people couldn't help but notice the quality craftsmanship and beauty of their home. This is when they started the log home side business of providing custom log home package to customers, the rest is history.

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