You Can Spend the Night in This Charmingly Rustic Silo Cottage

You Can Spend the Night in This Charmingly Rustic Silo Cottage

You Can Spend the Night in This Charmingly Rustic Silo Cottage. When we think of weekend getaways most of us instantly think of countrysides, forests, green spaces, naturejust disconnecting from the world and being completely off the radar. Well, at least that's my ideal weekend getaway! A time for rest, relaxation, and full recharge!

I don't know if its just me noticing this, but it seems like the new trend for travel and leisure is stepping away from those 5 star hotels and seeking out quaint little Airbnb listings to get 'that experience'. I think its fun and fabulous and not to mention a lot easier on the wallet - if you know what I mean?!

I was going through some cottage getaways just recently and came across some great listings that were just ever so adorable. Another recent 'trend' I've noticed in the rentals and weekend getaway listings is all about size! Yes, size matters! But in this particular case, we're going small! Everything is scaling down and why not? Its more sustainable eco-friendly, energy efficient again, I'm totally into it!!

It's great to see how homeowners are opening up their creative minds and designing new spaces that can double up as a side rental income. Hey, why not? Sheds converted into small suites, garages re-designed and decorated into spa rooms, or even barns or silos into rustic country-themed cottages.

If we are going to take time away from our regular day to day, escape from the concrete jungle of towering skyscrapers and 24-hour taxi cabs, why not seek out the polar opposite? To me, this makes the most sense. It also allows you to come back to 'reality' and appreciate things that much more. We are biological beings after all and need to go au natural, back to nature, feel the Earth, breath in the clean air Its healthy, meditative, and again, absolutely fabulous.

Luxury travel is now all about rustic, simple, and outward bound experiences. Go for it, check out at the 'Country Living' link just below and live a little, but experience a lot!

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