You Can Only Imagine The Stories Of These Ancient Log Homes

You Can Only Imagine The Stories Of These Ancient Log Homes

The photo of abandoned cabins in Patagonia conjures up imagery of simple, rustic, and potentially difficult living for those once stationed there to live. Who once lived by the water? Were the cabins built for sessional lodging, tourists or are these dwellings reticent of a fishing lodge perhaps? Are these temporary spaces for tourist boaters or mountain climbers to lodge before moving on through mountain passes? Certainly the appeal of the design lends itself to speculating on the functionality of these houses.

One imagines that the living quarters are those of the A-framed design houses with the middle dwelling serving as gathering space for meals. Or, perhaps the middle dwelling served as a space for processing the spoils of fishing expeditions or that of a hunting expedition? The roofing suggests the buildings were until recently fairly well-maintained. The buildings look functional enough. Weather-worn and abandoned there is a romantic appeal to observing types of 'tiny-houses' for their ability to blend into the landscape. Except for the roofing, one imagines that building materials for the walls and floors were sourced nearby. For those interested in vernaculars of regional flavor and locality, one cannot help but appreciate the craft-work and layering of the patterns of slats as meticulously placed by the builders.

Tiny houses are appealing not only because of their simplistic designs and functionality to context but as one can imagine building these houses with limited experience as a builder. In remote areas such as where these houses sit, one can imagine building designs that are simple to implement and within a sufficient amount of time to construct. The abandoned houses of Patagonia are a unique example of kinds of tiny houses that are pragmatic to context; these houses as photographed also support imagery and reminder that living with natural features as incorporated in design can likely be done in practical ways to support unique lifestyles of choice. To read more on this subject, visit the link found below to the 'Tiny House Living' website.

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