Would You Share Your House with a Horse?

Would You Share Your House with a Horse?

Apartment barns, or barn houses, are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the United States. They may be buildings that are combination barn and house, or old barns converted into modern houses. These house-barn combinations actually harken back to prehistoric times when people discovered that body heat from animals helped to warm the human living areas, and this style of accommodation continued being built into the 19th century but fell out of popularity as immigrants to North America began dividing their barn and house functions into separate buildings. Modern barn houses or apartment barns, however, are altogether different and tend to offer two separate spaces within the same building that allows both human and animal inhabitants to live in harmony. The Cornelius Apartment Barn is a fine example of a modern apartment barn design that you should probably check out if youre considering something similar.

The Cornelius Apartment Barn is an apartment and barn combination that sits on a beautiful property in Cornelius, Oregon. While the main level features both horse and dog stalls, as well as a tack room and space for hay storage, the second level houses a large but cozy 1,800 square foot living quarter that includes a master bedroom, guest room, one full bath, living room, and kitchen as well as an office and beautiful balcony to relax on while you watch the sun rise and enjoy your morning coffee. The Nantucket dormers with their own trusses provide additional space to the living area and help bring character to the apartment barn while skylights provide lots of natural lighting that brightens and enlarges the space. This is luxury apartment barn living at its finest.

Many times a shed or tiny house in the back yard isnt the optimal solution to the need for extra storage space or room for relatives. Sometimes you need something bigger. As in barn big. If you havent hung out in any barns lately, you might be surprised to see how some of them have evolved to be designed for comfort as well as utility. Although the ultimate question is: would you share your home with a horse?, it isnt quite as simple as that, and while you may wake to the sounds of neighs and whinnies, there are many advantages to living with your horses. Some of the benefits include not having to walk outside to feed your animals (which is wonderful on a cold, snowy winters morn) and its far easier to watch your animals, especially if they have a medical issue or while birthing their precious young.

Modern kitchens within apartment barns usually have vents and tightly sealed walls and floors that prevent cooking aromas from mixing with the nearby animal smells and fancy faucets help to prove that just because you live in a barn doesnt mean youve got to drink from the trough. Theres also no need to sleep in the hay and there are no worries about outhouses when new apartment barns, such as the one located in Cornelius, come with luxury bathrooms.

DC Building is the construction company tasked with building the Cornelius Apartment Barn. As a nationwide contracting team, they specialize in the design and construction of one-of-a-kind wooden structures, and the Cornelius Apartment Barn proves that from top to bottom. DC Building has been thrilling clients with their dedication and expert craftsmanship for over ten years building beautiful custom homes, barns and more, so if youre in the market for a new house, and youve got a few animals you want to bring with you, why not consider an apartment barn by DC Building? One look at the Cornelius Apartment Barn and you know you cant go wrong choosing such a great company and team!

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