Would You Live in These Tiny Apartments?

Would You Live in These Tiny Apartments?

I've heard a lot about tiny and small homes lately, and have found it quite interesting to see how exactly some people are adapting to this popular new trend. One trend I wasn't aware of was the growing trend of tiny apartments, and couldn't help be curious when I saw the article Would You Live in These Tiny Apartments? I couldn't help but take a look.

Apparently a trend that more and more people are becoming interested in is the topics of tiny and unusual spaces. What exactly is tiny you might ask? I was so surprised when I saw that people have been living in apartments that are approximately 78 to 80 square feet! Wow, now that is small, how exactly is it even possible to live in a space so small you might ask, surprisingly it is possible and with some genius uses of space and storage, they don't look half bad.

In one apartment I looked at, the renter had decorated the place very simply and it looked great, the couch doubled as a bed at night, there was storage conveniently located underneath, a desk with a small fridge underneath, the closet had lots of storage (there was even a microwave in the closet), the only drawback might have been that you had to share bathroom facilities. I have to admit I lived in something similar while I went to university, the bed folded into a couch during the day, there was a desk and a vanity with sink and mirror that had storage underneath, it was quite nice actually.

You know this type of living might not be for everyone, but it's really very interesting what you can get used to. I think we can all agree that saving money is always a good thing, and look there's a lot less space to clean!

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