Would You Give up Excessive Space for a Worry-Free Life? I Know I Would.

Would You Give up Excessive Space for a Worry-Free Life? I Know I Would.

Wouldn't you love to own your own beautiful little home, that was all yours? Well wouldn't everyone love to? Imagine having a Small Cottage With White Picket Fence that you could come home to every day and have it be your sanctuary where you could just be. This is a lovely little home that looks to be around 800 square feet, nothing outrageous, just a simple little home that exemplifies the simple life where having peace and calm takes precedence over stress and acquiring material possessions. More people are returning back to a simple life these days. Where they will live in a smaller home like this that just has everything they need rather then too much.

People will grow their own gardens to provide food for themselves, even have backyard chickens for eggs, and do rainwater harvesting. Living in a smaller home like this one also means that you have to get rid of a lot of the stuff that you tend to accumulate when you are living in a larger space. So you really do a major purging and get real with what is important in your life. This little sweet home would be absolutely perfect for a young family or couple just starting out, or maybe a single person on their own. Retirees would find this house to be quite manageable when they are in more of a state of wanting to relax rather than do upkeep on a larger house. So as you can see, a variety of people can benefit from having a home like this one.

You have to love the simplicity of it. The very light and cheerful character of this home is enticing. What a great, light colour of yellow this house is painted, it looks so great with the white trim that covers the eaves and all of the window and door trim. The place has a wonderful amount of windows, especially at the front of the house, which is great for optimum sun exposure for the inside of the home. The white picket fence is just such a staple for this home, and it really looks like that classic home that everyone can fall in love with. The amazing plant life that surrounds the house also looks gorgeous, and provides nice shade cover, and some really great privacy, without having to build fencing or other barriers. Plus, it gives the dwellers something nice to look at when they peer out of their windows.

Living in a cottage style home like this one gives one so much peace of mind and comfort. Imagine living a simple life in a cottage like this one and enjoying life to the fullest. Not having to worry about huge heating bills, and high mortgage payments. Just able to relax and enjoy your home and life. Homes like this used to be what the average person lived in, until people started generating more income, and then decided that bigger was better. Sometimes people do enjoy a larger house and there is nothing wrong with that, but people who strive to have a large house because they think it will make them a happier person, might be surprised to see that it doesn't make you any happier. A nice small home like this shows us that you can take pride in your home no matter where you are living. No matter the size or the look of the home, as long as you are grateful for it and make it your own, you will always have the home of your dreams if you make it so. Check out this lovely tiny cottage home with a white picket fence and more amazing tiny homes on Tiny House Pins.

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