Would You Build a Tiny House to Live Debt Free? Candace is!

Would You Build a Tiny House to Live Debt Free? Candace is!

Debt. Jeez, it is probably one of the things I am most scared of. I hate owing people things and now that I'm on the cusp of would-be adulthood (by law I am technically an adult, but I digress) I really, really can't stand the money of being indebted to someone - especially school.

So when you tell me that someone out there in the world is planning to live debt free and go to school? Well saddle me up and let me join the race (yes, I know that isn't the saying, but lets keep going). On average, we drop at least $20,000 on education, depending on how long you're going for. Now what scares me is having that debt hanging over my head as soon as I am out of school. I don't have that kind of cash lying around.

If I did that would be very irresponsible, and I have most likely robbed a bank. But before you call me into the police about this minor...problem, lets really think about it. The only reason I took that money is so I could afford to put money towards the loan that looms over my head, all the while paying for a house. So if you're giving me the option of trying to live in a tiny house, but I get to come out of it relatively debt free? I'm on board. Candace here has the right idea. With strict budgeting and thorough planning and a lack of rash decision-making, she could be well on her way to achieving her goal and living happily. I mean, we have so much stuff anyways. We as a species are far to materialistic. Maybe having these cut backs are a good idea. It will improve a quality of life perhaps. It would definitely improve the quality of your wallet. Or should I say, quantity.

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