Wood Cabins under $4000

Wood Cabins under $4000

Do you have a big space in your backyard and cant think of what to place on it? Why not build a small cabin log and turn it to a garden cottage or home office? The All Wood Cabin Kit Lillevilla Weekender is the answer. Not a master builder? You dont have to be because working from this cabin log kit lets you finish it within a convenient framework.

This all wood cabin log kit has no need for interior finishing. It comes with all parts from roof to flooring and you can decide if you want a covered terrace or not. Windows and a door is part of the kit too. No need to buy screws, nails, fixings, handles and door locks because youll have it all in this very handy kit. A cabin log kit may sound expensive but it is not. It is definitely a good investment and a nice way to make use of the vacant space in your backyard.

To start you need a basic set of tools which you may already have at home like a hammer and a ladder. Since heavy equipment are not required there will be minimum impact to your surroundings. This means less noise and no need to cut trees just to make way for large equipment. It also includes simple and easy instructions so it can be managed on your own. Or if you want to finish and make the work easier, find a friend and it may only take approximately 4 hours to complete the cabin log. Another thing is you have access to great customer service if ever you have trouble during construction. You get to build your own cabin log at an affordable price, you control your time as you can have as many breaks as you want, and you can get help whenever you need it.

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