WOHLWAGEN: The Ultimate 300sqft Tiny House for about $50k

WOHLWAGEN: The Ultimate 300sqft Tiny House for about $50k

If you want an additional room at home, I have something to recommend for you. You will absolutely love this incredible tiny house. *winks* If you need a retreat location, dont worry about the right place to stay. It isnt going to be a problem anymore. This ultimate Wohlwagen is just the tiny house youll need (good thing I am typing this up because I dont know how to pronounce it). If you are curious about this, Ill give you a tiny info about this tiny house. Come on and lets go to Germany with this tiny little house! *winks*

The Wohlwagen is a 300 sq. ft. Home in Germany. According to their website, the Wohlwagen can be used in various purposes. It can be a retreat home, like the one Ive mentioned; an additional space at home, your main residential house, a workshop or youth center, and an annex for kindergarten. It can also be a seasonal information center or a mobile restaurant, pub or bar; a hotel consisting of several Wohlwagens; or an annex for restaurants. Now, thats a lot of uses for this tiny house. Whatever you choose, you cant deny that this tiny Wohlwagen is almost perfect for everything. *winks*

The little home is made of steel and pine, and can be transported. It also has a foldable deck with two chairs. Whenever you decide to go somewhere, you can travel tiny and light. *winks* Anyway, the Wohlwagen contains a bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, wood burning stove, and a deck (as mentioned). If you want to add more to it, you can visit Wohlwagens website for more information and their prices.

Would you like to view this amazing transportable and multi-purpose Wohlwagen? If yes, click Off Grid World website below. If no, still, click Off Grid World website below. I can change nos into yess. *winks*

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