With a Little Imagination, Everything Is Possible, Even with a Shoe-String Budget

With a Little Imagination, Everything Is Possible, Even with a Shoe-String Budget

This Holyoke shipping container cabin is a good example of a tiny house build on a budget. The shipping container home was a collaborative project by Paul Stankey, who is a co-founder of hiveModular, his brother Scott Stankey and wives. This shipping container home is located outside of Duluth, Minnesota, with a size of 474 square feet. The cost to build this shipping container home costs just a little more than $15,000. This tiny house might not look fancy from the outside; it looks a bit on the industrial side, but with some paint and tiny house finishes, you can make this a stunning tiny house space of your own. The best part is that this is a space that has been built out of recycled products, good for the environment, lessening your carbon footprint. It's just good all the way around. This is a great tiny house space to use as a tiny vacation home, it's on the rustic side, but it's great, located on a piece of property with lots of trees surrounded by nature. What would you use a tiny house space for?

Tiny house living is more popular than ever before. With all sorts of tiny house designs and styles to choose from. You might consider using a tiny house as a backyard office, or a workshop for you business. The nice thing about a tiny house is that you can have a space that is separate from the main house, and get some work done! Imagine having your backyard office, a place that is free of distractions, and interruptions, you might get some work done. Maybe you've always dreamed of owning a vacation house of your own; a tiny house might just be the way to do it. And the nice thing is, you have so many options to choose from, whether it be a tiny house on wheels, a yurt, a strawbale house that you built on your own, or a tiny log cabin. Tiny houses open up a world of options that you didn't realize were there. You can have the tiny house vacation home you always dreamed of.

Other things you might use a tiny house space for might include a pottery studio, a writers cabin, a playhouse for the kids, unique guest house, even a backyard play space for the kids. You might even use a tiny house space for a rec room away from the main house, a place where teenagers can hang out with their friends. You might be surprised at just how great some of these tiny house designs can be because what they lack in size they certainly make up for in design and style features. When you consider the money that you can save by building a tiny house as opposed to a larger sized home, you will save money on things like the home maintenance, taxes, and repairs. With all that money you can save, you can put it towards other things like that trip you've been saving for, maybe pursuing a hobby you've been thinking about for a while, or who knows it's totally up to you!

Choosing your tiny house is just one of the steps towards tiny house living. Another part of the tiny house process is buying or finding the place where your tiny house will sit. You will want to check into any needed permits you might need, and what the rules are for tiny houses in the location that you live. Once those details are all in place, and you have your tiny house, then you can make the tiny house your own with tiny house storages, accessories, pillows and more. If you don't have enough room in your current house, maybe taking a look at all of the great tiny house designs, will get you thinking about adding a tiny house space to your current living situation.

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