Wild West Wagon

Wild West Wagon

Tiny houses are making waves these days, in a very good way! Check out this awesome Wild West Wagon home and many other great timy homes in this great post from HouseBeautiful! The house in the photo here, is the Sundance, a wild west themed house that is located in Watergate Bay in Cornwall England. You might not expect a wild west theme in England, but here it is! A wild west tiny home, expect the unexpected with tiny homes, as they are usually some of the most fabulous and eccentric looking homes you may ever lay your eyes on!

The rustic look of this particular cabin really makes it feel quite wild western. The ropes and the wood, with the train car look of the house with all of the barn red paint really add to that western look that it has going on. It could also look very nautical too, which is what I thought when I first saw it. It does look quite a lot like a house boat that has drifted up onto the shore line. All it needs are some life saver rings and it could also be a nautical theme!

There are 43 other small houses to peruse through, and perhaps gain some inspiration for your own project. I really love #15, the Well Appointed Cottage, I love the large sun room at the front and how modern, yet natural it looks. This would be a great home to start out with and then build onto it. Number 7 is truly a nautical cabin, that floats right on the water, which is really amazing! That would be great for any water lover. There are so many more to look through, all amazing and unique in their own ways. Super inspiring and interesting to look through! Head over to 'HouseBeautiful' to check out the rest, just follow the link in the section below for more!

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