Wild Rose Outdoor Oven

Wild Rose Outdoor Oven

“Earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise.” – RUMI

A cob oven has many of my interests in all "baked" into one package: baking delicious food (bread, calzones, pizza), do-it-yourself building, wood energy, and the environmental aspect. Cob is an environmentally safe and earthen building material that is made of clay, sand, straw, and water. It has been used worldwide for thousands of years to construct homes and buildings. Clay/Cob mixture has its origins of traditional building, has been found in some of the oldest permanent human dwellings and may even be genetically passed down on how to make it.

Have you or your friends ever desired to build your own cob bread or pizza oven? That same thought happened to cross my own mind years ago. Cob building requires no cement, no expensive tools or materials needed and is a ‘people friendly’ way of building.

What is a cob wood-fired pizza/bread oven? Basically...it's a baking oven that is heated by lighting a fire inside, the fire warms up a thick clay oven wall and once the fire is pulled out, the clay retains heat and stays warm and is perfect for cooking on for hours after. With a little help from friends or family, it takes just a couple days to build, then during the few weeks it takes to dry out time you can sculpt your oven to any shape you want. Next you are ready for a feast to sample it out!

The pros of this type of oven is:

1) Simple to build using local, natural materials and

2) the oven temperature remains very even throughout with no cold or hot spots/areas.

Plus, it's a fun and feasible project to do with lots of people and you can celebrate your accomplishments with fresh made pizza/bread for a party!

If you are lazy and just want to enjoy a custom creation, feel free to order the beautiful "Wild Rose Outdoor Oven" like in the link below from the Cunning Oven Builders of Victoria BC.

Learn MORE at Cunning Oven Builders

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