Why Chris Page Recommends the Tiny House on Wheels

Why Chris Page Recommends the Tiny House on Wheels

Tiny homes come in all styles, shapes and finishes. Many of these little homes are being built by their owners and often this is a first time venture for these adventurous folks, both in lifestyle and in building. The tiny house are telling you about today is beautifully finished and has a very clean modern appeal.

This tiny trailer house is 11-feet width and 22-feet length, which means it is a little wider than some tiny movable house. Some of the features are large windows that let in lots of light from the outside. This also means radiant warmth on those sunny days. There is a dedicated couch that includes built-in storage, an open functional compact modern kitchen designed with plenty of space, a convenient pull out bed is located under an elevated office area. This design also has spots built into the flooring where you can place a table, and also things are designed to be adjustable in height, giving more options to the user. There is also a good amount of closet space in this tiny house.

Finishing your tiny home in and out allows you to personalize with your own style and flare. Your living environment is a reflection of you. Comfort and organized practicality both play a big part in your home.

Inside and out, there is harmony in the color and materials used in this tiny home. Simple and classy well describes this place. Wooden floors accented with painted walls in soothing colors, a modern kitchen

Thanks for Chris Page, who is the owner of this tiny house. For those that those love to travel around you can think about living in your own tiny house too. Obviously a tiny home can be built for comfort.

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