Who Wouldn't Want a Lovely Pool Cabana for Just $8,159?

Who Wouldn't Want a Lovely Pool Cabana for Just $8,159?

This "Pool Cabanas As Tiny Houses" is by Cabana Village, the company offers prefabricated garden sheds, pool houses, storage sheds, spa enclosures, cottages, and cabins. Cabana Village ships within the 48 United States and Canada. This tiny house pool cabana is a 13 foot by 13 foot Tiki Bar Cabana that can also be used for a beautiful tiny house.

There are different options available for this poolside cabana as a tiny house, some just have a covered front porch, you can also have a covered bar area that would be fun. Some of the additional options include extra wall height, French doors, standard windows, crank opening window and small arch window. After adding a few options, the price of this cute and cozy tiny house is about $10,000. What would you use a tiny space like this for? You could use this pool cabana as a tiny house if you don't mind having a small space, or you could use this cozy space as a guest house, artist studio, writers cabin, kids playhouse, garden shed or vacation home to spend summer vacations and weekends in on the property of your dreams, there are so many options to try. This beautiful pool cabana is a great tiny house space to change into your bathing suit with some privacy; it is also a place where you can dry off and get back into your street clothes. There is lots of attention to detail, and especially around the upper windows, and this tiny house pool cabana would look great in any yard.

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