Whiskey Barrel Sink

Whiskey Barrel Sink

We always want to be creative, especially when it comes to our own home. This is especially true when we have limited space at home and we want to maximize it as possible. This whiskey barrel sink is definitely a good idea! Perfect for small and rustic looking bathrooms, they are a go when you have limited space for an elegant sink. However, you dont want to compromise the design and its functionality. You can apply this chic idea and be wise by choosing a good barrel to fit in. It gives you a couple of benefits. Firstly, they are really great for anyones budget and second, it adds a unique appeal to your bathroom.

Of course, you have come across different bathroom sinks of varied sizes and luxury. They all have one thing in common they look great! However, at the same time, you would have realized that these sinks could occupy almost half of the room. This is why choosing a whiskey barrel sink gives you a creative choice and at the same time, only takes a smaller dimension.

Top Features of a Whiskey Barrel Sink

This barrel furniture is a piece handcrafted especially for a bathroom. Although it looks odd to be used in your house with a weird purpose, it is actually practical. Its rustic look will definitely earn praises from individuals who are fond of pastoral art. If you are building log cabin and lodges, this whiskey barrel sink is definitely perfect in it.

This high quality American oak whiskey barrel will definitely help you save space in your bathroom as it measures 34 x 27 with 22 head diameter. The flush-against-the-wall installation and maintenance is also made easy with its flat rear access port. It boasts with an aged walnut finish and a vanity storage through its flawless access door.

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