Where the Bears Live... and Where I WANT to Live

Where the Bears Live... and Where I WANT to Live

Check out this Must See Log Home With Floor Plan, where the picture alone will have you dreaming about your own log home before long. This particular log home is designed by Expedition log homes and is called the Mountainaire. There are about one dozen photos that you can check out of this particular design. They are all fabulous. The front of the home is open, with plenty of windows, done in a classic log cabin design and colors. It is eye catching right from the first glance of this home, as it sits in the sun. As the photos move in to close in on the house and show you the design close up, you see how practically it has been constructed to take advantage of views and for the house itself to be eminently practical and usable. This is a great construction for a home.

The first inside shot is of the great room, a large and spacious area that could be comfortable for plenty of people. So invite the extended family often! The windows overlook a beautiful exterior valley and woods, there is a large stone fire place with inset gas, as well as hard wood floors that beam bright and beautifully. The kitchen shot is all country, with a huge timber beam that forms an open walk through back in to the living room. So while you are preparing a snack, meal or any other food preparation, you do not miss out on any action in the living room. It is easy to banter back and forth between kitchen and the entertainment and living room areas. The kitchen cabinets are a country fresh design with marble or granite counter tops that gleam.

And the bedrooms are spectacular, some of them with direct access out of doors. All have bright windows that let in plenty of light. There is lots of room to move and set out chairs and other furniture. The interior finishing of wood also makes the rooms appear soft and cozy, even as they have spaciousness for all your living needs. This place is even big enough to have a custom built working area, so if your job moves with you, this is the place for you. There is plenty of space for computers, phones, and all the other accouterments that you might need to keep up with your busy office. There are ceiling fans throughout to ensure air movement and a fresh air quality throughout the house and in all the bedrooms. Nothing will be stale in this wonderful log home.

Although this is a classic log home, all the modern conveniences are there for you to enjoy. So the kitchen lighting is modern and inset and there is plenty of it, there is plenty of room for fridge, and stove, and there is a great bump up so people can sit right at the kitchen counter, but not take up room that you might need to prepare food and snacks. This is a wonderful design to check out soon.

Find out more about these homes and many others at the website, EXPEDITION LOG HOMES, by following the link below.


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