Where Else Can You Purchase a Delightful, High-Quality Log Cabin for Less than $36,000?

Where Else Can You Purchase a Delightful, High-Quality Log Cabin for Less than $36,000?

While the exact origin of log cabins is unknown, what is known is that log cabins have an ancient history. While it is generally assumed that log cabins were first built in or around Scandinavia, log cabins are most often associated with first generation home building by European settlers in the Americas. The Discoverer log cabin by Coventry Log Homes is reminiscent of that era where log cabins tended to be smaller and built with real purpose. While there are stunning examples of beautiful (and expensive) log homes, some prefer a more nostalgic, rustic approach and the Discoverer log cabin is a perfect fit.

The first log structures for dwelling purposes were first being built in Northern Europe during the Bronze Age, circa 3500 BCE. C. A. Weslager describes these early Europeans as having several forms of log house, with different methods of corner timbering (utilizing both round and hewn logs). While initial structures were considered crude tiny gable-roof cabins with a hole in the roof to vent wood smoke log building inevitably underwent an evolutionary process and became more sophisticated some had squared logs with interlocking, double-notch joints, and timber extending past the corners for aesthetic appeal. Early on, medieval log cabins were considered moveable property and were often disassembled, transported to their new located and reassembled. This made replacing individual logs that had been damaged by dry rot possible.

It is thought that in present-day America settlers were constructing log cabins by as early as 1638. Historians tend to agree that the first log cabins were constructed within a Swedish colony in the Delaware River and Brandywine River valleys. The quick-and-easy techniques for constructing log cabins remained and spread and, later, German and Ukrainian immigrants used similar techniques as well as the Scots and Irish, who had no previous tradition of building log cabins. While only one of the earliest structures remains (circa 1640), few dating to the 18th century still stand. This is surprising as log cabins built by immigrants were never intended to be permanent dwellings; log cabins were merely temporary homes to live in while larger, permanent homes were constructed, and then the smaller cabins would be used as outbuildings.

While the log cabins manufactured by Coventry Log Homes arent meant to be temporary dwellings, Coventry Log Homes does specify which of their log structures are suitable for permanent, full-time dwelling and which are better suited for part-time or recreational use. The Discoverer is part of their cabin series, which they describe as being full of rustic charm. With a little extra work, these cabins could double as permanent dwellings. The Discoverer is small, at 544 square feet, and offers just one bedroom with a small loft and a lovely cathedral ceiling which helps give the appearance of more interior space. There is no bathroom, so there would need to be alterations done to consider the Discoverer a permanent dwelling unless you dont mind outhouses! The great part about the Discoverer log cabin, however, is that this little gem allows you to spend time enjoying the great outdoors and also features a tidy little country porch meant for relaxing. The complete Discoverer package is available for less than $36,000. Where else can you purchase a charming, rustic log cabin for such a low price? If youre thinking of purchasing a log cabin, then the Discoverer by Coventry Log Homes is definitely worth checking out! You might be looking for a cabin and end up finding your dream home!

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