When You Spend Time in a Cabin like This, You Can't Help but Feel Relaxed (Click for Floor Plan)

When You Spend Time in a Cabin like This, You Can't Help but Feel Relaxed (Click for Floor Plan)

Simple log home living at its best can be found in this Aztec Log Home Plan from Honest Abe Log Homes. This log home floor plan was found on the My Wood Homes Website. These days it can be difficult to choose a log home floor plan with so many amazing ones out there. That is where the My Wood Homes website makes it easier for you by compiling all of the awesome log home floor plans together in one place so that they can be browsed through with ease. The people at My Wood Homes collect all of their favourite log home floor plans from some of the best log home builders out there, and post them up on their website for easy access. All of the links to the log home builder's website are provided for you as well. So this makes choosing a log home floor plan a much easier task than having to search high and low in person or online.

This beautiful Aztec log home floor plan is a total of 1,456 square feet with just one floor. In the home, there are three bedrooms and two bathrooms that are all quite a good size. The master bedroom includes its own full bathroom suite and double closets for optimal organization. The home enters into the living room space, which is the largest space in the whole log home floor plan. The amazing high cathedral ceilings will create a feeling of expansion in the house, and all of the great windows also open up the living room space to the outdoor views of surrounding nature. Of course a lovely free standing or built in fire place would be ideal to add into this room. The whole home could be heated by this fireplace, and the logs do a wonderful job of keeping heat in because of their high thermal mass. So you would never have to worry about high heating bills ever again when you invest in a log home.

Logs will also last years and years and they age so gracefully. There is some upkeep that needs to be done on log homes though of course to keep them looking great. Just like anything, you have to look after it to keep it in good condition. The things that need to be kept up are things like the caulking on the log home in-between the logs. The other major thing that needs to be done sometimes even yearly on certain spots of the home is the staining. The log home should also be washed yearly in order to extend the life of the wood and the stain on it. Many people purchase log homes without this key information in mind and are surprised when they have to shell out up to $3000 a year to maintain their log home. But everything needs maintenance.

Honest Abe Log Homes is a one stop shop when it comes to log home building, they have different packages that can be purchased in order to build the log home model of your choice. The company started out in 1979 and has been growing steadily ever since. The Honest Abe company takes pride in each and every project they work on and they put all of their effort into pleasing their customers. All of the logs the company uses in their log home packages are pre-notched and cut, then numbered piece by piece. This is so that they can be easily assembled once the log home building kit is delivered. All of the logs they use are kiln dried, which makes them less susceptible to mould, mildew and insect infestation. This company has built over 5000 homes over the years which is pretty impressive and also instills confidence in the customer who is getting their home from them. Check out more of their log homes on the My Wood Homes Website!

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