When Mold And Mildew Attack The Tiny

When Mold And Mildew Attack The Tiny

Thereís no question about it! Tiny houses are wonderful, especially when it comes to cleaning. With such a small surface area to take care of, keeping your tiny home spick and span is a piece of cake. However, when it comes to mold, even tiny houses arenít immune. Hereís a great little article on what you can do when mold and mildew attack the tiny.

First of all, letís figure out what mold is, exactly, and how it differs from mildew. Both are very common in every household, and it just takes a discerning eye and a diligent cleaning schedule to prevent them from getting out of hand.What is mold? Itís a kind of fungus. Whatís a fungus? Well, itís a kind of in-between organism Ė not quite a plant, or a bacterium, or an animal, but itís definitely alive and it loves to eat dead organic matter. What kind of dead organic matter? Well, stuff like fallen leaves, plants, and wood. Oh yes, mold just adores wood!

Letís get clear here. Mold is tiny; itís a micro-organism, and it consists of entire colonies of these wee little creatures. Mold travels by sporing, or sending out microscopic ďparachutesĒ called spores, that land on surfaces and spread out quickly if the new environment is favourable enough. And just what makes an environment favourable enough for mold? Why moisture, of course! Where there is water, you may very well find mold.

Mold can take root just like a plant and its colonies look like soft fuzz. It can be black, blue, or green Ė and sometimes, even orange. You want to be very careful if you plan to eradicate your mold problem all by yourself. Please be sure to wear a mask and rubber gloves. Never touch it with your bare hands. These little guys can go right into your bloodstream through your nasal passages, skin pores, and even through your ears!

Mildew, on the other hand, is just as tricky and can smell a bit worse than initial mold spores. It is also a fungus and it appears as a white powdery substance on surfaces. Whether itís mold or mildew youíre having trouble with doesnít really matter. Both will need to be taken care of immediately or they can totally ruin your home. One they start to take root, they can be very difficult to get rid of. When it comes to mold and mildew, prevention is the best course of action. Be sure to clean up wet spills as soon as they happen. Track your water and where itís going! If you have a laundry room, make sure thereís a drainage area for any water leakage. Be sure to install a fan in your bathroom to pull out extra moisture. If you canít have a fan, make sure thereís a window in there and open it after you bathe so the steam can get out.

Really, it just takes common sense to properly deal with mold and mildew! And this article is really helpful, offering a couple of great ideas on what you can do if itís already invading your home in a big way.

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