What Words Would You Use to Describe This Classic Barn Home?

What Words Would You Use to Describe This Classic Barn Home?

An innovative mix of rustic and contemporary, this post and beam house has it all. Isn't this home inviting? Feel Free to Share If This Clean, Simple Design Is for You. This prefab house is one of the many wood cabins and homes from Sand Creek Post and Beam. The company has been building quality houses since 2004, and they have even been featured in Timber Home Living's magazine in 2016. They specialize in wood barns and barn style homes made with all natural timber posts and beams. Since their beginning in 2004, the company has proudly built homes and barns all across America for over one thousand pleased customers. Their glowing testimonials will show you how satisfied their customers are with their homes. The barns that they build are typically used for housing animals like horses, but they can also be used to shelter farm equipment from the elements. People can use their barns for a variety of uses. The barn style houses are just what the name implies, a house that has the same profile as a barn, but is made to be suitable to live in year round.

The finished prefab barns will eventually be insulated, so when it comes time for colder weather, the inhabitants will stay nice and cozy warm. The prefabricated construction kits include most everything that is needed to build these barn houses, including the post and beam frame, exterior siding and baton board, a foundation plan, a roof insulation package with pine T&G interior ceiling boards. The wall framing is also included with sheathing and house wrap, as well as the stairs and railings. In this prefab package interior wall finishing like drywall and insulation is not included, the doors and windows are also not included, and neither is the plumbing or electric, so these are things that would have to be sorted out by the customer. They have 10 prefab plans available on their website, all ranging in different sizes and layouts, so you can get an idea of how much one of these barn houses would cost. A 1040 square foot house would start at $57,905 for the prefab kit for example.

Why do people prefer prefabricated construction to build their wood cabins and homes over traditional construction? First of all, its wonderful to get the kit with most of the building materials in it, they are pre cut and ready to be assembled, which cuts down on the amount of work that the customer has to put in, or the number of hours their hired contractor has to work, which equals less money for the customer. This also means that the time to build a prefab house will be less than building a home the conventional way, since during the cutting and reassembly phase of building, all of the work is done in a sheltered environment. So, for at least part of the process, things like weather and storms are of no concern. Are prefab houses cheaper than traditionally built houses? It really depends on the company a person decides to work with. But usually it can come out to be a bit more affordable to build a prefab house because of the time factor and because building the house on their own is an available option for the customer. All of the prefab plans are able to be ordered through Sand Creek Post & Beam's website. They will also work with their customers to customize the floor plan and design of the house so each person gets exactly what they like and what they need in a home.***

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