What is it REALLY Like to Live in a Secluded Story Book Mountain Log Cabin?

What is it REALLY Like to Live in a Secluded Story Book Mountain Log Cabin?

This secluded story book mountain cabin is the thing that dreams of. There are so many details to love about this log cabin design; you'll want to take a look just to get some ideas for a log cabin of your own. With large log trusses, the metal roof, large log ends that add to the character of this log home build, log posts, and beams wherever you look, the grand stone fireplace that anchors the log home, log railings and so much more. Along with being one of the most beautiful log house designs you will see, it is also set in the perfect mountain location. With scenic views of mountains and forest all around. Inside the antler chandelier, gourmet kitchen and attention to detail make this log cabin design a place you would want to spend time in.

You will find that there are several varieties of logs to build your small log cabin. Some of these include pine, cedar, fir, spruce, larch or any wood that is a straight log. Of course, some wood varieties will cost more than others. With cedar being one of the most expensive woods you will find because of supply and demand. This also has to do with the bug resistance of the wood, making it huge value in the making of cedar products like outdoor decks, hydro poles, and other wood products. So if you are trying to save money on the logs for your log cabin design, cedar will cost you the most. While cedar is the most expensive, pine is the cheapest. Pine is a durable wood that is excellent for building because it does not crack or twist as easily as some varieties of spruce. Pine is also very appealing and has lots of character, which makes it great for the popular rustic look of log cabin designs. People also like wood that has lots of character because of the warmth it adds and the connection to the earth. Pine is also a log choice that will cost you less to ship, as pine is lighter than fir. So when it comes time to ship a load of logs to your log house building site you will get more logs on the load because the weight is lighter. Pine trees grow in the Northern hemisphere.

So when it comes to building and planning your log house designs you want to be as efficient as possible. When you are planning, your log homes plans and designs consider that wasted space costs money to build and maintain. So before you start building your dream log home design, you want to think about all the details that go into the build. You also want to be sure and invest in quality building materials that will last, which will save you money in the long run. Once the log home design is complete, you can enjoy finishing and decorating the finished log house design. You can also save money on finishes by going to architectural salvage yards for things like sinks, cabinets, mantels, and doors. Flea markets are a great place where you can find unique pieces for your log home. Building the log cabin design of your dreams takes a log of hard work and planning, but is well worth it for the time you will spend there when it's done. This secluded storybook mountain log house design is found on the "Vacation Home Rentals" site. On this site, you can find log house designs, log cabin designs and log homes plans and designs from all over the United States, that you can rent and stay in on holidays. **

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